huge accomplishment: it’s only 6:30 and i finished my take home part of my design exam. but that is not the real accomplishment: i went to the same bistro one block from my house i always go to do work (my small apartment doesn’t have room for a desk.) BUT this time… NO BEER! i am a craft beer fanatic (or used to be) and this place is stocked full of all the local nor cal good stuff. i am proud to say i did not order a beer. things are already getting easier, even if my addicted mind thinks i write better/am more creative with a buzz on. 

i never really understood the idea of a take home exam, but now i do. i learned so much with no time limit. i wrote two amazing image analyses. i should be proud of that. tomorrow we unveil our group sculpture. not sure how that will go. didn’t really get along with my group so i kind of let them do what they wanted. i compromised too much, but they were going in a completely different direction. i did, however, make sure that what i really cared about was included in the concept. *shrug*

today i am a 5 out of 10 in the mood department. slowly getting higher on the scale. one sober day at a time.