giants and dust bunnies.

in an attempt to declutter my life, today is my own personal spring cleaning. i hate cleaning. especially in san francisco. about ten minutes after i have cleaned all the wood floors, there are dust bunnies. one down side of living in a victorian. i think there is a huge dust bunny family behind my dresser but i have been too afraid to look. to look at what my drinking has done to the cleanliness of my room. and my life. pretty sure this will take a good 5 hours. my sister is pretty messy and is always gone so i end up cleaning up after her. typical little sister. 

today is a 6. three pounds down. feeling better. one day at a time.

this time of year is always rough for me. baseball is back. i won’t get into it now, but one of the worst things i ever did was very connected to the san francisco giants. i worked for them. *sigh* you’ll never know pain until your drinking causes you to loose the best job you’ve ever had. that was almost two years ago and i still think about it every day. i only went to one game last year, it was too painful. well anyway… go giants.

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