today was lovely. last day of class and my final project came out so much better than i thought. so excited for fall, i get to take adobe indesign and i have been wanting to for so long. photoshop, illustrator, indesign and basic film making. very excited. i am going to have to get back on the job hunt. this is not something i am happy about. funds are low and my hustle has recently cost me a couple thousand… show didn’t sell out like i had anticipated. 

finishing up my rose & hibiscus water for tomorrow. 


just floating along… 3 more months of unemployment. i’ll be on the east coast the two weeks i have inbetween sessions. i am taking a summer class. ugh. then back on the grind. i am taking a film making class that makes me happy.

still sober.

gonna have to pay rent late. i’m shelling out a ton up front for my FSA. i only have until april 6th to submit my claims. so of course i’m scheduling as many appointments as possible. one of the specific lotions for my face is 399! that shit cray. i need to get obama care soon. 

today i feel extremely fat and useless. i ate too much nutella yesterday and am extremely bloated from all the salt in the soup. had some of a strong edible last night and WOKE UP HIGH! my body was hard to move. reminded me of being hungover and very happy i haven’t had to deal with that. my pants are really tight and i don’t even want to go to the farmer’s market just because of that.